Monday, October 11, 2010

The Greek schooll welcomed the Czech e-Twinners to Greece

Mr. Apostolos Psarros, the Head teacher of 1st Gymnasium of Chaidari, welcomed Czech e-Twinners to our school.
“Dear students and colleagues
Being in the post of Head Teacher in the 1st Gymnasium of Chaidari, I welcome you to our school. I hope you had good time and enjoyed your visit in Greece.
It is always a great honor to have in our school our European partners. By the way, I’d like to congratulate you on getting the first prize for the e-Twinning program “The trees of friendship”. May our friendship grow like the leaves of Platanus and Tilia and last as the age last trees. May the roots of the trees of friendship spread and attract more and more students every year.
Let me introduce the sole of our program from the Greek side Mrs. Helen Grigoriadou, who got busy the last five years with the e-Twinning programs in our school. We all thank her for encouraging our students, giving them the chance to know their European colleagues and expand their knowledge generally.
Also, I invite Mrs. Despina Moysidou, the other co-partner of the “Trees of friendship” responsible for the day twinning ceremony of our schools.
Thank you again for visiting us and I hope will get the chance to return the honour you gave us, by visiting your country and your school with our students. I wish you all the best for the rest of your journey through Greece.”
Mrs. Helen Grigoriadou welcomed her Czech partners of the e-Twinning project “The trees of friendship”.
“Dear e-Twinners, friends from Czech Republic,
It is also my pleasure to welcome you to Greece, to our city and to our school.
When I started the project “The trees of friendship” and I was seeking out the cooperation of e-twinners, I could not foresee this project’s success that resulted in this wonderful event.
I feel very lucky because the cooperation between all the participating teams was very smooth, in particular with your school. At this point I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Mrs Jarmila Ceperova, who directly involved in the project, for her friendly feelings towards our country and school.
Dear friends
I am confident that the friendly relationship and cooperation between our schools will continue for many years to come. Although, I will not be involved in future projects, my thoughts and feelings will always be with you, all the participants.
Thank you very much for this opportunity to express my feelings.”

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