Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lime tree in Mythology

Lime tree-protective tree families and genera.
In the birth of their first child was customary to place the building lipu.
According to myth this tree protects against bad spirits and they never catch lightning. It was the tree of gods love and love seat.
Archon story of spouses Filemon and Baucius, who after the death of the parents still be together, and it is Zeus turned for good in oak tree and lime tree, so that they can at least touch the branches themselves.
Lime trees are of significance in Greek culture. Celts and Slavs this tree given special importance and quality.
Lime tree is presented as a sacred tree Slavs.
Tree leaves are used in the same magic to gain immortality.
Cooking linden bark protect against poisoning.
There is lime tree piece, which brings good luck.
(The Czech team)

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